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Commodity product from Indonesia

Get the product directly from the factory with safe and reliable international payment method

DAGOJA is Registered and Licensed by the Government.

Trade safely and comfortably

Dagoja is a provider of commodity products or raw materials with the best quality in Indonesia.

Dagoja will select and screen the best quality products with special methods so that importers can be satisfied with the products they buy.

Customer Service 7x24 Hours

We improve after-sales service to provide satisfaction for importers with 7x24 hour customer service.

Digital Signature for Contract

Digital signature is one of the best facilities in DAGOJA. To provide convenience for our importers.

Secure International Payment

Dagoja focuses on security and convenience of transactions for our importers.

Flexible Delivery Country

With the support of sea and air transportation, we can deliver products according to demand.

Original product from indonesian nature

Dagoja provides the best natural products from Indonesia, to improve the quality of raw materials from our consumers


Some products from coconut such as Copra, Cocofiber, Briquette, Coconut Oil and others.


Products from handicrafts, items made with rattan and bamboo that can be made into baskets, tables, chairs and others.


You can choose various kinds of spices, for example, cinnamon, ginger, areca nut, coffee and others

Registered at :

Our team always puts security first in the transaction process until product delivery. By registering DAGOJA in the Indonesian government system, DAGOJA always provides security and convenience in the transaction process and product delivery until it reaches the recipient country.

Directorate General of Taxes

Officially Registered in terms of tax

Ministry of Law

Dagoja is listed as a legitimate company that can be accounted for

Ministry of Investment

Coordination of policies and services in the field of investment based on the provisions of laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

Carry out the formulation and implementation of policies in the field of intellectual property in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.



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